Major clue! Watch this interview with Sasha Pieterse (the amazing actress that plays Alison!) In this interview, she lets it slip that Ali and SPENCER didn’t exactly get along gopd before Ali “died” and so now that Ali is back, there may be some confrontations with Ali and Spencer (remember Spencer saying to Ali YOU’RE DEAD TO ME ALREADY!). Although we already know that Ali and Spencer we not exactly the best of friends when Ali “died”, it’s kinda odd that Sasha immediately said that her and SPENCER didn’t get along; my immediate reaction would be the others like Mona, Lucas, Paige etc. So I hope that makes sense, it may be a tad confusing but watch the video and I think you’ll know what I mean!! :)

So Spencer may have done something to Ali the night Ali ‘died’… We know Spencer is keeping a secret that will be revealed in 4B and perhaps her secret and what Sasha just slipped in the video are linked. I think Spencer did something that night, maybe she hurt Ali!?

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