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Please continue sending in your questions, all will be answered soon. Enjoy the new episode everyone and once again, apologies for the inactivity recently. This week has been super crazy for me!

Follower submission - Bethany’s situation

I think Bethany is Jason’s twin. Maybe Mrs.D is trying to cover up the fact that she has a mental daughter (Bethany). Mrs.C finds out that Mrs.D and Bethany are related so Mrs.D killed Mrs.C to continue covering up this secret.

Bethany witnesses this and in order to keep her quiet Mrs.D gives Bethany gifts. This is also why Mrs.D wanted Bethany to call her aunt Jessie instead of mom because she doesn’t want anyone to know Bethany’s her daughter.

Bethany escaped one night and this is also why Mrs.D said the night Ali was gonna go out “no it’s too dangerous”.
Then Mrs.D changed Bethany’s last name to Young to make sure no one would ever suspect them to be related.

Follower submission - each of the girls were blackmailed onto the A Team?

What if each of the girls have been blackmailed onto the A team? There has been a ton of Aria is -A theories, Spencer was seen on the -A team in S3. Hanna was really close to Mona, close enough that she spent the summer visiting her at Radley (S3 premiere) and also didn’t want her transfered out of Radley. In S2 Emily received the Danby gift package with an -A note saying “So Happy to have you on our A- Team!!!” then later during the “I Must Confess” episode Emily receives a text in the middle of the night of a picture of Ezra and Aria kissing and it said “Clue Ella in and I’ll let you out.”

I was always was fuzzy on why -A has been going after them? Mona said it was because they took Hanna away from her. That doesn’t even make sense, she ran Hanna over with a car! And then they thought it was so they’d stop searching for Alison, but then -A wanted Ali to stay in Rosewood once she came back. Perhaps there is a much larger reason for this torturing than we as the audience are aware. Like murder…?

Alison and Toby are cousins? - Follower Submission (thank you tsub-i)

Maybe Jessica DiLaurentis and Marion Cavanaugh are twins & that’s why Jessica asked Bethany to call her “Aunt Jessie”…. back in an earlier season when Marion ‘caught’ Ali in Tobys room she was not happy about them being close because they are actually cousins. That’s why Marion had issues, she felt bad about Bethany and found it hard to keep quiet about it….

Bethany would be angry at Ali for blinding her sister Jenna & blaming it on her bro Toby. Nobody knows who Bethany is cos either she was sent away when she was really young or her name isn’t actually Bethany young. The girl in the grave could be Sara Harvey (her real name is Taylor Young, maybe a coincidence?) and Bethany Young is alive and uber A… With the help of Toby, Jenna and now Sydney.

Melissa is getting close to working it all out and that is why I think she will get killed in an upcoming episode So sorry it was really long and I hope it made sense somehow haha!


Anonymous asked:

why is it 2011 in the pll world? please clarify...

analyzinga answered:

Because Alison disappeared Labor Day weekend of 2009, the start of her sophomore year in high school. That school year lasted from 2009-2010 which takes us to the pilot episode. The liars were beginning their junior year of high school in Fall 2010. That school year lasted until the end of Season 2 meaning Maya St. Germain was murdered in April 2011.

Season 3 starts with the girls entering their senior year of high school Fall 2011. The Season is split into summer and winter which means the summer 3A part lasted up till October. They picked up with their annual Halloween Special with a current Halloween episode that was actually in real time for the PLL, 3.13 This is a Dark Ride. Winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars takes place in 3B which is actually the events that took place after the Halloween train, meaning 3B is considered November 2011. Season 4 starts on the same night as the Season 3B finale, therefore, the episodes were going on a day by day basis throughout the entire season of Season 4. Which means the Season 4 finale ‘A is for Answers’ ended with the Liars in the month of December and the beginning of Season 5 takes place on the same night as Season 4 left off. Therefore, they are in December 2011, the first semester of their senior year.

I hope that helps you Love ;)

Follower Submission - Toby is A + Bethany/Ali Theories.

I am also on the Toby is -A or on the -A team theory. I have always been suspicious of Toby since day 1. I wanted to let you all know that I in fact live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and In order to get ACCEPTED into the Police force in the state of PA, you NEED to have a 2 year Associates degree. Now, we all know -A can pull strings and work that magic, which points even more fingers to Toby!!

So, either -A is helping Toby or -A IS Toby because he didn’t go to college. So, no way would he get accepted. -A is super smart and we all know it! The way the woman looked at -A at the Dr. made me even think of Toby due to the fact Toby sometimes looks deranged and evil. Also, I believe Ali may have had something to due with Bethany leaving Radley that night and since we didn’t get to see WHO Mrs. D was looking at threw the window, we don’t know if it was Ali. She had blonde hair…

Ali and Bethany both have blonde hair, SO maybe Bethany was hit over the head instead. Maybe Ali was never buried alive. Maybe Mrs. D buried Bethany instead of Ali. Just because we saw Ali laying in there doesn’t mean it was in fact like that. We never saw it or heard if from Mrs. D. So I believe Ali was lying. I think Melissa might know about this. Maybe Mrs. D was worried when she was on the phone not because she was worried for Ali, but maybe she was worried for Bethany. Maybe she had her in there for a reason. For protection. I have seen pictures of a young Ali with a hand to the side of the photo( it was cut off). So either Ali knows about Bethany or she doesn’t. I do believe Ali is somehow related to Bethany. Not twins, but either she is Alis younger sister or cousin.

Sometimes I think Ali even had Shana go to the girls on purpose. Ali likes to stir things up and cause more drama so she looks better. She has MAJOR skeletons in her closet.

Aria is A - Follower Submission

Ok, my theory is that little Miss Aria is the head mastermind A and original A ( before Alison ‘died’). When I examined all the evidence everything pointed to Aria being involved somehow. So far they’ve showed us all the small players in the ‘A game’ and I’m thinking if someone else is involved, their role would be greatly significant. And Aria fits the bill! So little has happened to Aria as a result of A. And A always seems to be on her side or in her favor.

For eg. What ever happened to Jake? Last we saw he told Aria about his suspicions about Ezra and was rewarded with knifes in his punching bag! Who did that?! And why?! We were lead to believe its Ezra and that he was A. But we know now he isnt. I believe Aria did this. In Season 5 confrontation with Hanna’s info about Zach we see how ‘rational’ she acts when a relationship (of her mom or herself) is threatened. No one else but she and ezra would have motive to do that and we can eliminate Ezra from that kind of A antics.

This is what I think happened. Alison pushed Toby’s Mom and killed her in the pressence of Bethany (the fragile patient). She then either lied of blamed bethany, Mrs D somehow knowing the truth covered for Allison which resulted in a difficult year for Bethany. Mrs D feeling guilty, tried to bride and woo Bethany. Meanwhile Bethany’s twin (or someone close enough to be affected by what happened to Bethany) i think that person is Aria. She got close enough to Allison to torture her. Then attempted to kill her but didnt count on bethany escaping. Alison killed bethany to take her place and then fled. Mona came in at the right time and took over after but was recruited by A. Aria returned knowing Alison was trying to return home. Aria and mona began their reign but in different ways.
The A texts the girls got were from 3 different ppl for 3 different reasons. 1. Alison. 2. Mona. 3. Aria. Alison tried to beat A at her own game to flush her out. Aria tried to find Alison then to torture her and mona hated Alison and other girls for being allí fans.

I think black widow is Bethany’s Mom

Anonymous asked:

Remember when Dr Sullivan told Emily 'people only see what they want to see'? (Not word for word but something along those lines) I think "that night" Jason saw Melissa arguing with Bethany but saw CeCe because that's who his girlfriend was at the time. He was drunk & maybe his mind was just stuck on CeCe so that's who he convinced himself he saw!

Ohh yes yes yes I love this. I’m convinced Melissa’s secret to be revealed next episode is that she killed Bethany, so this could add to Melissa and Bethany’s encounters that night!

Anonymous asked:

So what if Bethany is the red herring and we are being lead to believe she is the one that hit Ali over the head. What if she was just the sacrificial lamb? I think the person that tried to kill Ali and did kill Bethany is going to be Spencer's sibling that looks just like her. Not saying her twin, but maybe Jason's twin is a girl and she looks like Spencer, hints the wig we see Spencer with in the pics.

Ooo interesting! Personally I’d love for Spencer to have a twin/sibling so I like the sound of this.