bitchier asked:

the most unrealistic thing about the show is a town as small as Rosewood having a 3-floor mall lol some people say it's probably the Philly mall but in the pilot it clearly said Rosewood mall

Oh wow some people are very observant to remember a sign from 5 seasons ago!

alisonqueendilaurentis asked:

With all the theories going around about a 3rd red coat, what if Cece was just playing double agent? Like Shana was to Ali. She could be the one in charge but also on Ali's side to gain her trust, idk but I can't help but think that Cece will be back/she was black widow

Oh that’s a really good thought. So CeCe was on both sides and is like the equivalent of the 3rd red coat that we’ve been talking about. I actually really like that a lot!

Anonymous asked:

I think Aria looking so scared when Eddie talks to her in the sneak peek is because she may think he will recognize her as Spencer's friend. And Eddie didn't want spencer to know anything. (For some reason) So if he realizes who Aria is their plan will a bust.

Yes for sure, I definitely think that’s what’s happening. So Eddy can’t tell Spencer and her friends anything but he could maybe tell his work colleagues some stuff = Aria. Love it.

WHY ALI CHOSE THE GIRLS - Follower Submission

So I was thinking… going back to when Ali would say “you know why I chose you”, etc. What if Ali chose each of the girls, because they were easy targets? At the begining Emily was not exactly secure in herself being lesbian, she was still trying to find herself emotionally. Ali would use that to her advantage with the “practice kisses” and romantic teasing. Spencer had always had family problems with her sister, and otherwise. She was “dating” older guys, and had a lot going on in her life making her vulnerable and subject to her downward spiral. Hanna had eating problems and self confidence issues that Ali had no problem taking advantage of. Aria had a history of mental illness in her family. Maybe Ali knew that she might have a breaking point; panic attacks, anxiety, etc. So what if Ali picked them all as a kind of experiment to mess with their lives until they broke, documenting it all in her journals? Then someone found out (a liar?) and they created A for revenge?

Anonymous asked:

Im watching the seasons all over again, and when they reveal Mona is A, she says to spencer "you have a chance to join the team" and always says "us". I just don't understand how the girls are so oblivious to the fact there's more then just mona, Shana and whoever else. Mona stated there was a team in the reveal..

I know right, tell me about it! Us fans are picking up on so much stuff - stuff that the girls are also seeing and hearing, but they’re not picking up any of these. Well if they were as observant as us, there would be no mystery. That’s just the nature of television!

Anonymous asked:

I know I sound kind of lame for saying this, but Young is German for Junk. I only know, but that's my last name, so I found it funny. Maybe Bethany is German, but not sure what that would do anything though.

No that’s not lame at all, it’s actually really clever how you’re looking at the etymology of names!
I wonder if junk may have a meaning, hmmmm

And if you’re curious too, Alison derives from ‘little Alice’.
Who did we see in the season 3 Halloween episode? A little girl named Alice (as mentioned in the credits). So I wonder what that means! And also Mona means ‘little noble one’. So that’s interesting!

Anonymous asked:

Hey lovely.. Can you please tell me why some people are saying there are 3 red coats? I know Ali was red coat and Cece was her red coat decoy. Where does a 3 rd come in to play? Also, if they were the 2 red coats we know of then who was at Ali's grave when it was dug up? It can't be that simple. What's the deal?

That’s exactly why some theories have been going around about a third red coat! Because we know red coat was just Ali and she also got CeCe’s help, so red coat was a GOOD person yet at times we had seen red coat doing some not so good stuff that isn’t likely that it would’ve been Ali or CeCe. Like standing there at Ali’s empty grave. It’s possible there WAS a third red coat and possibly swapped out the coat for a black veil? I don’t think that if there were to be a third red coat that they would be the current A, I think it’s something in the past, if it were to happen.

heatherfaircloth1 asked:

I'm still soooo curious about Ali's pregnancy scare. I'm sure it will come out eventually but who do you think it is?

Hasn’t it been confirmed that Ali isn’t pregnant? I remember hearing a little one liner from someone saying it was fake, but I can’t remember who said this nor which episode. But yeah I’m pretty sure it was confirmed to be a scare, nothing real :)



So at the moment, episode 5x13 is being filmed, which is the Christmas episode and is titled ‘How the A Stole Christmas’.

Whilst browsing Twitter, I couldn’t help but notice that Shay and Tammin (Emily and Jenna) had posted very similar photos, at a time difference of only 2 hours.

This can’t be a coincidence that today was the day they both felt like taking pictures in the bath! Something is going to happen in the highly anticipated Christmas episode, 5x13. Tammin looks really dirty and could use a bath! Maybe another explosion? Or some sort of event where the girls are sent digging in mud, just like we saw in season 2 episode 12, where the liars are digging to save Dr. Sullivan.

Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in this episode!